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Maura Tierney may be immortal

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Las Vegas beset by whores

9/11 was very much on the mind of U.S. sailors when, in 2002, a U.S. aircraft battle group was recalled after extended deployment in the gulf, Months of nail-biting military action had the men of the the aircraft carrier USS John C Stennis, the guided missile cruiser USS Port Royal and the fast combat support ship USS Bridge, “tightly wound.” Among sailors, the city of Perth, Australia has the endearing quality of legalized prostitution, and is generally acknowledged as an appropriate place for shore leave. There are several well known, reputable brothels in Perth, most of them open 24 hours. In May of 2002, five-thousand five hundred men of the U.S. battle group “Horney” were dismissed for shore leave at the same time. In less than a week shore leave was over and the whores of Perth had surrendered. The famous Langtrees brothel and several others had had enough. The Madam's reported that they were closing their doors for an appropriate time, as they were no longer able to provide a level of professional care their customers had come to rely on.

Shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the U.S. President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, ordered 1 million men deployed to Hawaii in an effort to reinforce this America's only forward base. Maj. Frank Steer, newly appointed provost Marshall of the islands, was forced to issue the only order he could in this situation. By order: Prostitutes could only charge 3$ for 3 minutes. Unknown to most, the dictatorial powers of the provost Marshall included the right to set the price of illegal sex. What could of motivated the provost Marshall to regulate the price of sex for prostitutes? The reason may have come from another edict Maj. Steer was forced to issue. By order: No more sex workers allowed to immigrate to the islands of Hawaii for the duration of the war. In a very practical matter, Maj. Steer had no where to put the 50,000+ free spirited women who were were about to arrive right behind the 1 million servicemen. While the Naval base of Pearl Harbor could handle a million man deployment, as provost Marshall, Maj. Steer had the problem of housing all the civilian contractors and other civilian personnel the Navy would be needing for its ship yards. So, for the remainder of the war, only the original 200+ prostitutes, already living on the island, would be handling over a million+ servicemen.

If Maj. Steer had not set price of sex, the prostitutes of Oahu would be demanding such high wages as to tempt the “good Christian women of the islands into a life of sin.” Servicing servicemen was their way of serving America. Imagine a platoon of tired, sad old whores dressed in faded, red, white and blue outfits, faded sequins, marching with patriotic pride to the Star Spangled Banner; saluting our flag in unison as their dirty, 1940 grand-ma panties drop to their ankles. 1940's war propaganda tags the film with, “Never had so few done so many. For 'Merica'! “

A few days ago the Republican National Committee offered up a press release stating that it is currently narrowing down their choice of host city of the 2016 Republican Convention. The smart money is on Las Vegas. Republican's flooding into Vegas is nothing new, but history has shown us that, all at once is bound to be tough on the whores; the prostitutes, the sex workers. Roy Scheider said it in Jaws, “We're going to need a bigger boat.” Replace “boat” with “whore”, Rest assured Las Vegas, The Donald will be there.

But has anyone thought to alert the working whores of Las Vegas? It's unconscionable to unleash a tsunami of hypocrisy onto that community that already has real family values. They never think about how this will effect the whores.

Just a note: The prostitutes of Hawaii claimed to work 6 days a week. (Off on Sunday – for church.) That works out to a few thousand shy of $150,000 a year. Working only daylight hours; (Because of curfew no personnel were allowed out ofter dark.) In 1941, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was paid of salary of $75,000 a year.

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Poor Rich people

New from MoveOn and Ed Asner

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Charlie Chaplan has a point

Just in case you haven't seen this

Friday, November 16, 2012

Farewell to Ham Rove R.I.P

It's been a tough year for everyone.  Especially Ham Rove.  I can't help but feel sorry for that high sodium filled luncheon meat.  He was a damn good political operative. 

    It's been a long time coming for Ham Rove.  Always with that glazed look, this ham super pac took Steven Colbert to task, again and again.  Like his human namesake, Human Ham Rove, Ham Rove wouldn't back down to Colbert's rhetoric. Just like his "head-shaped-twin", Human Ham Rove remains quite on the demise of Ham Rove.  You'd think those two would be best friends.

Ham Rove     2012-2012
You will be missed

Rare unseen private classified video of the murder of Ham Rove

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